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Welcome to Your Inner Senshi!

Rating, stamping, and more!

Sailor Moon Rating Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Find Your Inner Senshi!

This is a community to rate your inner senshi! Do you have the grace of Michiru? The brute force of Makoto? The quiet strength of Setsuna? Come on and find out!

Things To Consider!

Just a few things to consider, though: Updated June 16, 2007
1] Please fill out the survey below.
2] No cos-play pictures to influence voting, okay? After you get stamped you are more than welcome to post cos-play photos, though!
3] Do not make rude or immature comments to anyone.
4] You may vote on other applicants BEFORE you are officially stamped!
5] When voting please put your vote in bold font. If you do not know how to do that, just ask me! ^_^
6] Please don't apply pushing to be your favorite character. We want to stamp you as close as we can to who you strike us as. Thanks.
7] I blossomforth, or kyohaku) will stamp after a six vote majority or two weeks, whichever comes first.
8] Don't forget to have fun and to make double sure you read the rules, creatively put "Usagi" or "Bunny" in the lj-cut text line!
9] Oh, and don't use rich text! Everything is provided for you so just answer the questions and post the pictures!
11] Things you MAY post:
-fan art
-cosplay photos
-theme posts
-things relating to Sailor Moon (neat sites, cool facts, things you think everyone should know!)
-general chat stuff is okay as long as it isn't too far off on a tangent

Things you MAY NOT post:
-items you have for sale
-promotions for non-Sailor Moon communities unless approved by a/the mod

And if you're not sure about posting, ask a mod! We'll gladly tell you if it's okay or not! ^_^

Enjoy! ^_^

The Survey!

Community Activities!


Themes will either happen monthly or bimonthly, depending on how busy your mods are.

PAST THEMES: December/January/February: Heros Mirror Theme - Find the Survey HERE

CURRENT THEME: March: Which Element Would You Have Control Over Theme - Find the Survey HERE

Theme Stamped List!!!

Former Community Maintainer & Moderators: blossomforth and kyohaku
Former Graphics Moderator: night_breed
Former Writing Moderator: art_historian
Current Community Moderator: sweetthumbelina

Looking For Something?

You can find STAMPS here.
And this is the STAMPED LIST.
A SAMPLE ENTRY can be found here.

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Special Thanks!

Thanks goes out to rosedoe for donating graphics to the layout! They're wonderful! Thank you!
venado thank you for the stamping pictures!
HUGS AND LOVE to angelbunnyjp for CUSTOMIZING stamps for us!!! THANK YOU! ♥
Thanks to bohemianvanity for the main journal background image.

And lastly thank you to my_milk/organic_organs for creating this community.